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know it's not true. >> joining us from washington is cnn political editor mark preston. mark, we saw the president go to that republican retreat and we saw the sparring. what i want to know is was there anyone that gained politically because of this? >> you know, a very good question, because i was talking to a democratic lobbyist very early this morning, and he raised that same question. he said, look, president obama went there, he seemed to do very well because he was willing to engage republicans on their turf. republicans probably did okay because they were willing to here president obama out. the question is did congressional democrats do well, because if president obama, you know, goes to one of these events and he's critical of congressional democrats, which he was there, as well as congressional republicans, for the bitterness that is -- that we're seeing on capitol hill, are they going to lose out. so, you know, it's something we'll see play out over the next few months. but, you know, look, they were very civil, they didn't agree on the issues, and i don't really expect th
and wind. and in a snowy washington, d.c., president obama met with former president george h.w. bush. apparently it was just for a social meeting. -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com >>> let's talk again about toyota, one of the biggest automakers in this country. as more recalls are recalled with potentially sticky accelerators, we heard from the japanese automaker president issue an apology saying our vehicles are indeed safe. what do you do if you own a toyota, and how do you get some assurance now that safety is still first for toyota? we've got with us from detroit executive director of "auto week" magazine and autoweek.com. i want to reiterate what the associated press is reporting, that the u.s. government approved a part by toyota to keep the gas pedal from sticking. don't know if that part is from japan or in the u.s. apparently it will be made available across this country come thursday. how does this strike you? >> it strikes me as odd because i don't know they figured out what the problem is exactly. is this going to fix -- is this the shim? is this because of the conde
from washington to talk about the new directives and the story developing out of yemen. the new directives in effect tomorrow. >> these are dramatic, brooke. starting tomorrow, tsa is mandating every person flying into the u.s. from or through a country that's a state sponsor of terrorism or other countries of interest will be required to go through a hand screening or secondary screening. that can include body scans, patdowns and other regulations. and this is sure to slow down the boarding process but it also comes after the u.s. government stepping up counterterrorism efforts in yemen which is emerging as a more serious front in the war on terror. on the southern tip of the arabian peninsula where the red sea meets the indian ocean is yemen. that's where a strike just last month killed three al qaeda members suspected of targeting the u.s. embassy for attack. cnn has learned a fourth was captured with his suicide vest on. according to his senior u.s. military official. now the u.s. and british embassies have been closed because of continued threats in the area. >> there are i
are saying it's time for washington to do it, it will be -- it could be a fierce, fierce election campaign ahead come november. don. >> here's the interesting thing. you know, the midterms, it's going to be interesting, it's a referendum on the obama campaign. lots of blame to go around. some people are saying martha coakley thought she was going to win it so she didn't go out and campaign as hard so some are saying it's apathy on the part of voters. really the republicans got revved up even outside massachusetts donating some $12 million into scott brown's campaign. so really how much of this is the democratic party's own fault because they didn't get the same amount of support outside of massachusetts behind martha coakley? >> reporter: the lesson here is that the angry voters are the ones who are turning out to vote, which is what one of the key players in the coakley campaign said last night. scott brown was able to tap into it. he was able to tap into that anger. when i talk to democrats, they say the course correction democrats need is not necessarily a policy change but a communicat
political director paul steinhauser joins us live from washington. good to see you. also, in the nation's capital, "boston globe" washington bureau chief christopher roland. nathan gonzalez, political editor. good to see all of you, gentlemen. you know, did the outcome of the massachusetts race put the republicans in a different, more emboldened position as we lead up to the mid-term elections? >> yes. if you can buy the victories by the republicans in the contest last november where they grabbed back seats in virginia and in new jersey, couple that with this big huge victory and upset victory in massachusetts, remember, the republican candidate is now up to 30 points in early december. you put all that together and you have a big wakeup call. very loud wakeup call for the democrats when they have to defend the laernlg majorities in the senate and house in november. >> what did the democrats do wrong in the massachusetts race or an issue of the independents speaking loud and clear, say thing is not an issue of dem versus republican? >> well, the big problem was that barack obama ran as
for places like washington, d.c. we have a seen a lot of snow so far. we are still concerned. here's why. take a look at the current temperatures. in washington now, it is 31 degrees. we may get close to freezing as we go through the evening. with the sun shining we will see melting and down in southern virginia as well as the carolinas. the problem when you have the healthing is that you have the refreezing tonight. so overnight tonight, a lot of places will see the temperature drop below freezing and that includes the raleigh-durham chapel hill of the carolinas. that's where we will see a refreezing and advisory will continue until noon tomorrow. we will see a lot of ice, particularly on bridges and overpasses where it gets very cold and icy. watch out for that. that's where the advisories persist. when we take a closer look, at any more totals we are looking at definitely some improvements in the forecast. that's for sure. all right. let's take a look at tomorrow's weather forecast. hue pressure dominating. and we are going to be seeing sunshine in the forecast and looking much, much
in washington, d.c. heavier snow towards richmond. when you look to the south, we have freezing rain into southern virginia and in north carolina. freezing rain is just a nature to travel in. you can't get traction on the roads. the problem is we are not looking at a let-up. we see the temperatures. it's really cold out there. 19 degrees in richmond. 19 in roanoke, virginia. 22 in raleigh and 26 in charlotte. if you are in this region, this is the perfect weekend to just stay inside. we are not going to see a meltdown for a while. it will stay cold today, tonight and tomorrow. taking a look at what we can expect of the rest of the day, the heavy snow will persist in this region. thanks to this dome of high pressure right here, what we are going to see is a blockage keeping the storm further to the south, the northeast looking much better and dry. cold, but dry. more coming up. >> thanks, bonnie. >>> this fierce winter storm could get even worse in the carolinas. record snowfall there maybe topped off by a treacherous ice storm. tamara standing by in north carolina. very snowy, while
of washington. up toward philadelphia, even the counties on the shore -- on the jersey shore into ocean county. we have advisories posted, this all goes until tomorrow morning. watch out for more snow to accumulate. down in the carolinas, a winter weather advisory. what this means is temperatures will stay below freezing. all that ice that's on the ground will stay frozen. just be careful out there if you're traveling. we are still tracking the wintery weather not just into the south, but across much of the northeast. look at this, plenty of heavy snow, sweeping across delaware into maryland, and even up into new jersey and new york. our ireporters have been on the scene. and we have an ireport to show you of some of the snowfall accumulation. they're pretty outpy out there. in norfolk, virginia, you don't see a lot of snow. when you do, people talk about it. on average, they only see a few inches a year, barely if they get any. this time it covered most of the region. we're getting reports of 8 or 9 earths in norfolk, virginia. let's check out the current temperatures, 27 degrees at norfolk a
your president and washington insiders say could have put the democratic party in jeopardy, in political jeopardy. this week former senator john edwards, a former democratic presidential contender, admitted to fathering a child out of wedlock with a videographer rielle hunter, all released in "the politician," by andrew young. young spoke to abc news last night about how a plan was devised for young to claim he was the baby's father. >> there wasn't a lot of time to sit back and contemplate, hey, is this logical? was it logical, no. was it stupid, yes. did we do the right thing morally, no. absolutely not. >> really stunning turn of events here. young writes he has a videotape that shows john edwards having sex with a woman who appears to be rielle hunter. >> there was one tape that was marked special and we're just aghast. it was a sex tape of rielle and john edwards, made just a couple of months before the iowa caucuses. >> are you absolutely sure that this is -- this is john edwards and rielle hunter? >> it is definitely him. you never see her face. it is a visibly pregn
with revelations about a man who could had been your president, and washington insiders say could had put the democratic party in political jeopardy. this week, john edwards former democratic presidential contender admitting to fathering a child out of wedlock after lying to everyone, the american public, about it. the lure details are released today in a book called "the politician." it is authored by edwards' longtime confident andrew young. had surplanted to young to claim that he was the baby's father. >> there wasn't a lot of time sit back and to contemplate, hey is this logical? was it logical, no. was it stupid, yes. did we do the right thing morally, no. absolutely not. >> let's bring in our cnn's mark pressor. he's our editor here. he said that young was motivated by money but this is certainly explosive and imagine if edwards had been appointed to office or elected to office now it would be a huge fallout. >> it would be a huge fallout. you know something, young acknowledges that in fact he is motivated by the money. he said that in the book. he says that john edwards was going
ago. now scott brown is the toast of the republican party, and some say the toast of washington in the nation. the incoming massachusetts senator is on a three-day tour of his home state this weekend, thanking voters for their support. kate baldwin is on the road with brown today, and she joins us now. hello. you know, he's a star. you see the flashbulbs and everything. he's been all over, kate. >> reporter: you can see the flashbulbs behind me. the crowd is gathering her and has been here for a little over an hour now trying to get in here to see the senator scott brown. this is hethe last stop on essentially a thank you tour. a three-day victory lap as he vis crossed the state, and it's all about thanking the people who helped him secure what was widely seen as the surprise republican victory in a solidly blue state. people have been turning out at the event that we were at last night. an estimated 500 people at each event. a very big crowd in foxboro. as well. these events are light on campaign speech or policy talk of any kind, but we did have a moment to catch up with the s
of the washington/baltimore area as well. ooh, that is gorgeous, but d.c. officials are urging people to postpone their errands until tomorrow, because while it looks pretty, it is also pretty dangerous stuff. meteorologist bonnie schneider is standing by in the cnn weather center. good to see you again. >> reporter: good to see you. >> well, people got hit pretty hard with this winter storm. >> this winter storm is really incredible, fredricka. 17 states, all elements of weather. you've got freezing rain and ice. you have blustery winds and then heavy snow and louisiana, got heavy thunderstorms and flooding. so it's, really, hit everybody but it's not over yet. check, take a shot of the radar. you can see the snow. we saw pictures in d.c. that is happening right now. realtime radar to show you the snow. and then down in virginia beach, we're getting freezing rain mixing with snow. so we call it a wintry mix. and this is going to continue for a while longer. and we've also been getting incredible i-reports in across the country because, as i mentioned, the storm affected so many places. check thi
collected for haiti survival kits. swarms of people are flocking to the haitian embassy in washington to drop off their donations. in fact, so many people want to help that traffic is backing up in the heart of the capital city. >>> cnn's larry king is once again reaching out this time to help the people of haiti. just as he helped the victims of hurricane katrina. on monday night larry king hosts a special two-our "larry king live" called haiti, how you can help. colin powell and queen rania are two of the guests that will be helping larry raise awareness about the devastation in haiti. monday night 8:00 p.m. eastern only here on cnn. >>> u.s. military rushing to get food to those who haven't eaten in days. guess what? cnn is along for the ride. getting help to those in need. >>> also, prayers and supplies for haiti. churches line up to give and to help. we're talking to the pastor of one of atlanta's largest congregations. >>> and political news tonight. a senate race in massachusetts that could go either way. why it matters to you and where you live. >>> we want to know what's on y
will go to washington and represent us. but that being said, the folks that we talked to, not scientific, have said it's in the back of their minds. a lot of them not happy with what they've seen the way health care reform has been pushed forward. they don't think that it will be cost effective, that their taxes will go up, that they won't get the coverage that they need. so, yes, in some ways they're voting against health care reform as the president and democrats have been pushing it forward. scott brown, who has been saying, if he's elected, he will not vote for health care reform. he said, you know, i believe that we should have good health care, but i think this needs to be scrapped and we need to go back to the drawing board. >> that's a whole other thing if he gets elected. thank you for joining us on this one. i want to talk about -- i want to talk about what the numbers are showing right now, what those trends are showing. >>> let's quickly bring in mark preston. he'll talk to us in greater detail. but, mark, give us the headline. mark is cnn's political editor. give us the head
in washington, at congress. our coverage of that will be full, and it's already on. >>> let's bring in our senior political analyst, gloria borger, she's joining me. she's ready. she's in new york. gloria, i guess -- i guess there are a lot of questions here, but we hear from the president and we hear from his advisors every single day, why is tonight different? >> tonight -- tonight's a really big night for them, because don't forget, it was just a week ago they had that huge loss of a senate seat in massachusetts. and they've been sitting in the white house, i can tell you, doing an awful lot of soul searching, doing an awful lot of what they call prioritizing in washington, trying to figure out whether they can salvage this health care bill, and how they would salvage it. and also how to take a turn and let the american public know that they are focusing on those issues that you just had up there on the screen. >> yeah. >> ali, because it's very clear the american public is saying, wait a minute, you spent so much time on health care, but i don't have a job. and i'm worried about my fut
is tweeting about senator chris dodd and in no uncertain terms four tweets. eric in washington, let's take them through this. this is michael moore, and we have been monitoring what he has been saying and he has a lot to say. the first one says once exposed dodd sank in the polls. had he run again, the republicans would have picked up a senate seat from connecticut and now the dems have a chance. the next one, but dodd was the chairman of the senate banking committee and he and his committee over the years changed laws to make it easy for coun y countrywide and bankses to screw people. this is michael moore talking about christopher dodd. if you haven't seen the movie, dodd was getting loans and sweetheart deal, and his movie, by the way, ciountrywide, one o the companies that caused the crash. that is michael moore talking about his movie "capitalism." and he finishes with this, one connecticut senator down and one to go. these are tweets that we have collected as part of the list, what we call "rick's list" here every single day and information and people who are relevant to the stories
of high winds in washington. we'll break down the forecast in a few minutes. and choose any car in the aisle. unreal! oh yeah! whoaaa-- ( alarm sounding ) i'm sorry. you okay? my bad, mr. sapp. oh yeah. go national. go like a pro. >>> just hours from now, voters in massachusetts will fill the national seat left vacant by the death of ted kennedy. that will give them a big voice in the battle over health reform. democrats need coakley to win for the over haul, but brown has a voter rise. yesterday obama went to help rally for his party's nominee. take a listen. >> in many of the questions of our day, a lot of the votes -- a lot of these measures are going to rest on one vote. we have had one year to make up for eight. it has not been quick. it has not been easy. but we have begun to deliver on the change you voted for. >> beneath the headlines, more political intrigue at play. jim acosta has a look. this could affect how the health care vote goes. >> reporter: absolutely, kaeira. the fact that a scott brown victory here would essentially dash the hopes for the passage of health c
your president. a man washington insiders say could have taken down the democratic party. john edwards, former democratic presidential contender, admitted to fathering a child out of wedlock after lying to everyone about it. the lurid details all released today in a book called "the politician" authored by edwards' longtime friend andrew young. how edwards and rielle hunter hatched a plan. >> was it logical? no. was it stupid, yes. did we do the right thing morally? no. absolutely not. >> andrew young also writes that he has a videotape that shows john edwards having sex with a woman who appears to be rielle hunter. >> there is one tape that was marked special. and we're just aghast. it's a sex tape of rielle and john edwards made just a couple of months before the iowa caucuses. >> are you absolutely sure that this is john edwards and rielle hunter? >> it's definitely him. you never see his face. it's a visibly pregnant woman. >> here's what they're saying at this hour. while we've not had an opportunity to view the interview or read the book, we urge extreme caution by everyone invol
" in taking guns into the washington wizards' locker room. arenas spoke last night after two days of reports regarding an alleged locker room showdown between two players. our national correspondent, susan candiotti reports, the case is attracting attention far beyond the sports world. >> reporter: washington wizards guard gilbert arenas is a throw-time nba all star but his alleged locker room gun antic does get him into serious foul trouble legally. >> i'm a jokester, nothing in my life is actually serious. >> reporter: it is no joke. the d.c. police, u.s. attorney's office and national basketball association all say they are investigating. the new york post reports that arenas and team mace crittenden drew guns on each other january 1st over a card-playing gambling debt. i can't speak to that if you have known me, i have been here, never did anything violence, do anything funny, it is funny to me. >> reporter: team owner says arenas kept the gun in his locker without ammo, a practice they call dangerous. guns have no police in a work police environment and we will take further step tones s
to turn in washington, i have to tell you that washington is a very divided town. it's very much like the country. we are not a country that is all behind one political party. we have our republicans. we have our democrat, and quite frankly a lot of other smaller splinter parties. so for people top say there's so much bitterness in washington, they're absolutely right, but probably no more bitter than we've seen in the past. >> you have to wonder if these public assertions and the public respongss to these assertions, will it indeed change the flavor of the way in which the conversations take place between the republicans and democrats? for example, let's listen to what jeb hensarling had to say and how the president responded to him. >> but this is what i don't understand, mr. president. after that discussion, your administration proposed a budget that would triple the national debt over the next ten years. surely you don't believe ten years from now we will still be mired in this recession, and propose new entitlement spending and move the economy -- the cost of government to almost
with washington, d.c. police tomorrow. last night arenas said he used bad judgment in taking guns into the washington wizards' locker room. he spoke out after two days of reports regarding an alleged locker room showdown. a published report says the confrontation involved arenas and his teammate javaris crittenton and that it revolved around an alleged gambling debt from a card game. arenas says the whole thing is being blown out of proportion. >> and i agree, that's bad judgment on my part, you know, storing them here. and i take responsibility for that. if you've known me, you've been here, i've never did anything violent. anything i do, it's funny -- well, it's funny to me. >> well, investigators and the nba not laughing over this, however. the league, d.c. police, and the u.s. attorney's office, they all have launched investigations into this alleged incident. >>> a lesson in contradictions. president obama pushes for a year-round school schedule as his home state cuts classes from the calendar. >>> and brutal scenes from street clashes in iran hit home here in the u.s. family
from washington. is epic satisfied with the tsa assurances? >> no. they're saying, we want to see the documents that tell us exactly what you're doing, that prove to us they're effective and demonstrate that privacy is protected. epic is saying until those questions are answered there shouldn't be any further deployment of these machines at the nation's airports. >> do these documents raise questions about whether the machines can detect explosive powders like petn? >> when you go through the document it says that the machine has to detect weapons, has to detect liquids, it has to detect explosives. it doesn't say anything specifically about powders. but when we asked the tsa about this capability, they insisted that, yes, the machines could detect powders hidden underneath clothes. >> homeland security correspondent, jeanne meserve for us, thank you. >>> later this hour, we're going to give you an inside look at the problems facing the transportation security administration. a reporter goes undercover as a tsa screener. barbara peterson tells us what she learned. and other big st
efforts to bring hope to haiti. from washington, madison smart bell who has written more than a dozen books, fascinating biography of the leader of the haitian revolution. and in los angeles, journalist amy wilenz who lived in haiti through the ee 80s and '90s reporting on the political turmoil and unrest. so when should happen going forward? tracy kidder, you saw one man trying to do, make difference. a lot of people feel all right, you know, put in a lot of money, help as much as you can. but the long-term solution has to be to give haiti's economy some kind of internal strength of its own, internal vitality. from what you saw, what's the solution? what will -- what will allow haiti to stop being a kind of basket case, dependent on western aid, and to really become a viable nation economically as well as politically? >> you know, the only honest answer is to say i don't know. i'm not a development expert. though i don't trust them particularly either. but i -- i do think that there's really no hope unless the effort to rebuild is well coordinated and unless it involves the haitians
be here standing before you and going to washington, d.c., are you kidding me? >> also like the president, brown's win is historic. not only does he replace ted kennedy, who held the seat for nearly 50 years, he's the first republican elected to the senate from massachusetts in 38 years. so just hours after his victory. this question. >> barack obama, jfk, they started eyeing the white house the day they were elected to the senate. do you think you're presidential tempered? >> i don't want to be disrespectful, but i've had no sleep right now. i haven't even been down to washington yet. and i don't want to say that's a silly question, but i'm so thankful for the support i received from everybody. >> when the president did call with congratulations, brown, also a basketball player, issued a challenge. >> all kidding aside, i have a basketball daughter and i know you play hoop. you pick your best and we'll play two on two. >> the once promising sarah palin no longer holds office, so brown is poised to become the new face and hope of the gop leaving many to wonder if this seemingly republican
they are right now. talk about a back room deal. >> reporter: now top democratic officials in washington are getting mad at martha coakley as one key strategists told us, they are upset coakley went on the vacation over the holidays instead of campaigning for the senate seat. i should mention that curt schilling remark you heard, they said that was a joke from than candidate, and if that's the case i don't think conan o'brien and jay leno have much to worry about, because that did not go over well. >>> let's go to dan at the polling place in massachusetts. how are the polls? busy? >> reporter: fairly busy in this location where we are at. a steady stream of folks showing up here on vote. the secretary of state's office not really being able to give us any sort of guidance as to what the statewide turn out will be like, although they expect roughly a million of the state's 1.4 million voters to the polls. snow falling here. in other cities and states, i would say it might be a problem. but this is new england, they are used to bad weather so it's not expected to be much of a problem here
will do exactly the same thing in washington. so look, forget the ads. everybody can run slick ads. forget the truck. everybody can buy a truck. here's the question you need to ask yourselves before you go to vote on tuesday, massachusetts. when the chips are down, when the tough votes come, on all of the fights that matter to middle class families across this commonwealth, who is going to be on your side? >> martha! >> that's what this race on tuesday is all about. when -- because it is easy to say you are independent and you are going to bring people together and all that stuff until you actually have to do it. when the -- when the vote comes on energy and there's a choice between standing with big oil or fighting for the clean energy jobs of the future, whose side are you going to be on? >> martha's! >> martha is going to be on your side. when the vote comes on taxes and there is a choice between giving more tax blaks to the wealthest few and corporations that ship american jobs overseas, or giving them to the middle class, and businesses that create jobs here, who is going to be on you
to washington. the newly elected senator goes to capitol hill where his stunning upset changed the balance of power. briana keeler on the hill, wondering what is going to happen on the hill. >> reporter: one year and one day ago, i along with so many of my cnn colleagues were here on the very street, when obama was finishing up the inauguration. a very different story here today. we are expecting senator elect, scott brown, will come down the same street where he is going to be really coming to the capital, so the place he will call home and work for the next better part of the next three years. he will really start a lot of his time here at the russel senate office building. he will be meeting with a number of republicans and also democrats. he will be talking first with senator john mccain, a high-profile -- the probably highest profiler of his campaign, and he will meet with senator john kerry, the senior senator from massachusetts, and also will be meeting with senator paul kirk, the man that took the place of senator ted kennedy until the special election could be held here a couple d
. jeanne meserve, cnn, washington. >>> other stories we're watching. france joined u.s. and britain in shutting down their embassies. because of the threats from al qaeda. japan suspending its visa services at the embassy there. >>> an american aide to yemen will more than double this year. over this past weekend the u.s. military commander for the middle east, that being general david petraeus went there about akai da and its growing threat. >> al qaeda is always on the lookout for places where they might be able to put down roots. some years, when i was still in iraq, you could see the development of cells of al qaeda in yemen. this past year, of course, that was recognized by al qaeda senior leadership by being designated al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, a kqap. during last year, late 2008, there has been an effort to partner with president saleh and others. >> four u.s. soldiers were killed in a roadside bombing. i happened in southern affect but was not more specificing than that. and dubai opening the world's tallest building at this hour. i want to take you to live pictures
the president of the united states. a man washington insiders say could have taken down the democratic party. >> well, last week john edwards, former democratic pishl contender, admitted to fathering a child out of wedlock after lying to everyone about it. the details are in the book called "the politician." written by andrew young. young spoke to abc news of how edwards and his mistress hatched the plan for young to claim he was the baby's father. >> there was not a lot of time to sit back and contemplate, hey, is this logical? was it logical? no. was it stupid in yes. did we do the right thing morally? no. absolutely not. >> andrew young there, also, writes that he has a videotape that shows john edwards having sex with the woman that he says appears to be tree yel rielle hunter. >> there was one tape that was marked special and we are just agast. it is a sex tape of rielle and john edwards made just a couple months before the iowa caucuses. >> are you absolutely sure that this is john edwards and rielle hunter? >> it is definitely him. it is a visibly pregnant woman. >> well, john edwards
. >> we cannot go back to the old washington routine, we are all responsible so therefore nobody is responsible. somebody has to be held responsible. secondly, i don't think the president's action matched its rhetoric when we send this individual to a civilian court. he should be tried as an enemy combatant. if we are at war, we should not try that individual in anything other than a military trial. to have a person to be lawyered up when we need that information badly contradicts the president's view that we are at war. >>> passengers on a united jet are describing the frightening moments onboard after the pilot told them they needed to brace for a crash landing. it was on sunday morning in newark when part of the landing gear failed. the electricity was shut off. the pilot landed the plane on two wheels, and the passengers said he did it smoothly. >>> have you noticed gas prices creeping back up again. prices at the bump jumped 14 cents in the past two weeks. the average price nationwide, $2.74 for regular self serve. >>> and the north american auto show kicked off in detroit t
foot traffic. >> reporter: washington is footing some of the bill. just over $1 million of $5 million being spent on the project is from federal stimulus funds. >> jobs and salaries and people being able to provide for their families. >> reporter: money well spent says west hollywood city councilman john duran. the city estimates the city created or saved at least 20 jobs so far but some republican critics in the senate have balked at the beautification. ranking it number four on their top ten stimulus bill projects to remember as foolish. so those critics in washington who believe using the money in this way equates to nothing more than waste, what's your response? >> that's short-sided. what it's about is money changing hands. stimulus money into cities like west hollywood allows us to sort of improve or local infrastructure here in a way that attracts more tourists, means more people in hotel rooms, means hotel workers keep jobs, restaurant workers keep their jobs, money keeps moving around. >> reporter: more than money. it's about maintaining an image for a strip that's just as fa
important for the representation of power in washington and the doling out of that all-important federal money, tony, that comes out every year. >> which i don't understand why some suggest that you shouldn't participate. i guess there are reasons and we will certainly get into those reasonses in the months ahead. what about counting the people who have been displaced by foreclosures? >> reporter: it's another challenge for the census, a particular wrinkle this time around. the commerce secretary says that they are going to be very careful about following forwarding addresses, about making sure that when they are going to people's homes they know if there are relatives who are living with them, people who might have been displaced by foreclosure in the last year and a half. census workers are very aware that this is a trend that will make it an extra challenge for them as they count these people. these forms are coming in the mail, tony, in march. they'll come in march. and then if people don't fill them out, then you'll have that knock on the door from the census worker. >> yeah, let's
in washington. >>> and as always, we welcome your feedback tonight. just go right on to the social networking sites. and if you think all batteries are the same... consider this: at iowa lakes community college, the students learn to keep america's wind turbines going and to keep them safe, the only battery they trust in their high voltage meters are duracell rechargeables. so whether you're responsible for tomorrow... or enjoying today... it just has to work. duracell smart power. duracell trusted everywhere >>> i asked you this before. all these binders, what is this? >> well, here's what it boils down to. you and i and everyone out there has so many questions about the stimulus. so many incredible billions of dollars. 57,000 projects around the country have already gotten billions of dollars of funding. take a look. these binders contain the information on every single project. the city, the state, the amount of money they got, what they're supposed to do. we have all these binders here. what we're going to be doing throughout this week is tracing through some of the big projects. what are
director joining us live by phone from fairfax, virginia, outside of washington, d.c. tom, thanks for joining us. how much will these new measures help if at all? >> hi, dan. it seems to me these new measures are very inadequate and very arbitrary. tsa seems to be coming up with a new security policy every other day since the incident happened. and to list the countries that they've put on for enhanced screening right now seems to be completely inadequate. they're not taking into account that these are just a fraction of the countries where al qaeda has a very strong presence and when they list countries of interest and airports of interest they're going to have to list places really throughout europe because al qaeda members in europe that have been radicalized have european passports that do not require a visa to come to the united states and they're going to be coming from airports london, paris, madrid, frankfort, brussels, rome, copenhagen. you have countries in asia that have had terrorist cells, al qaeda cells like sydney, australia, had several sets of rest. they fly nonst
.s. at dover air force base late yesterday. barbara starr joining us live in washington with the latest. the cia thought this suicide bomber was reformed, right? >> indeed, by all accounts it appeared so heidi. we spoke to a former u.s. intelligence official with knowledge of what transpired, who said by all accounts this person had been arrested and a militant in jordon, and they thought he was rehabilitated, and he was working for them and the united states. it killed seven cia operatives and a jordanian military officer. by all accounts the u.s. and the jordanians thought this man was a trusted agent, because in the past he had given them valuable information that they thought was verified and accurate. but looking at his identity, this man whose name is al-awlaki came from the same place as zarqawi. >> the u.s. must have trusted him because they did not search him at all, and i imagine a lot of that sort of investigation or relationship was built-up even before with the jordanians. i know king abdullah is of course a u.s. ally in the middle east. could this have an impact between th
with the senate transportation committee on the same subject. >>> big question in washington today, what happens to health care reform? the white house scrambles for another answer just hours after republicans score a big upset. >>> high winds, rain, flooding. california getting hammered this morning. residents now being forced to evacuate. ktl reporter eric spillman just north of los angeles. eric, you've been living there a long time. you've definitely watched weather like this affect the area. you're not getting hit yet. right? but residents will be evacuating this morning. >> reporter: yeah. i mean this is the third in some very powerful storms that we've had so far this week in southern california. this one's believed to be the strongest. it is going to dump between four and eight inches of rain here. and in these areas of los angeles county that are below the areas that burned in the station fire several months ago, there's just no margin for any kind of error. so what authorities are doing is they are telling people to get out of here. it is a mandatory evacuation. it begins at 9:00 this
, the senator-elect from massachusetts is making the rounds today in washington, while democrats scramble to regroup on health care. scott brown is meeting with his soon-to-be senate colleagues. brianna keilar is live from capitol hill. before meeting with his colleagues, the senator-elect met with reporters. what did he have to say, but maybe more importantly, where are you now? >> reporter: right now we are outside of senator paul kirk's office. he, of course, is -- until senator-elect brown takes his seat, he is the senator who's really holding the place for senator ted kennedy. and this is what basically senator-elect brown has been dealing with all day, just scrums of reporters, cameras, still photographers. this is how much interest there is in exactly what he's doing with all of these meetings. he's already met with senator john mccain. he'll have lunch with senator mitch mcconnell. as i said, he's meeting with the democrat that he will replace. even though a lot of people don't really know who senator-elect brown is, everyone wants to know what he thinks about health care reform,
-- and you probably more than most people even here in washington -- is that what's causing this deficit to go up are these entitlement programs. >> yes. >> and president after president has failed to kind of grab ahold of that. >> all right, candy, we'll be talking to you hopefully every day. we'll have state of the union on wednesday night and we'll have full coverage of that on cnn. our senior political correspondent, candy crowley, talking to us about these poll numbers. you can go to cnn.co lot of information about that polling. >>> we'll talk to christine roamens now, i believe. christine is my co-host on "your $$$$$." we'll show you a picture of christine romans smiling so brightly there. we'll take a bit of a break. we'll talk about pork in the stimulus bill when we come back. i'm not talking about the pork you think, i'm talking about food, dough, pork, things like that. we'll talk about that when we come back. >>> all right. all this week we are covering the stimulus project, which means we're looking in to the stimulus bill that was passed a year ago, seeing where that money h
are talking about at the main campus, out in washington, of course, in redman. they have two main campuses there, and there is a bridge to connect the two campuses. it goes over a highway. other people will be able to use this bridge, if you will, but for the most part it's meant to benefit microsoft and their employees. it costs, of course, millions and millions to fix this thing. the city of redman pitched in money and microsoft pitched in money ease well, and now, you and me are pitching in money as well. i will walk over, and we will take a trip over here to the stimulus desk. i need to ask inez fauray, i was trying to break it down and i was confused about the jobs created. they say 1,200, but it's not that simple. >> no, it's not. i was on the phone with the person that managed the construction office in redman, and they report how many people -- >> hold on. talk into this microphone. >> all right. every month they report how many people worked on that project. so for example, in august, 245 people worked on the project. in september, they had 151 people working on it. some of the pe
ground zero. "the washington post" story you see today, he says many folks in new orleans are saying that, as well. other educators are saying that, that this was the opportunity that because it was destroyed, this is how you can now fix it and repair it and build it up. >> steve perry, you hear the statement i assume and it sounds like a lot of people agree with it, at least. you agree with it as well? >> of course i agree with it, but problem here is what we didn't obliterate is the leadership. we keep retreading leaders in the public school system. the ceo of chicago public schools, not necessarily a powerful school system, failure in its own right, coming from there, arne duncan. it's like a bad version of the atlanta housewives. we keep retreading the leaders and taking them from one place to another and expecting different results. we can't just change what's happening in the schools. we have to change leadership and bring new talent to bear. >> actually, steve, in new orleans, when you look at test scores, the involvement of the schools, you have seen a change because the power str
in washington and, again, around the nation. scott brown, a mostly unknown republican, took ted kennedy's senate seat in massachusetts. he campaigned on a pledge to kill the president's health care reform bill. and by taking away the democrats' 60-vote advantage in the senate, brown may have done exactly that. some democrats face a new reality now. there he is meeting with harry reid. that happened thursday in washington. but democrats now vow to respect the voters who sent brown to washington, to regroup as a party and to pass some form of health care reform, even if it has to be scaled down. the president's signature issue on life support, really. he is headed to the heartland. he did head to the heartland, acknowledging in ohio that he would run into a little, quote, buzz saw, but he is vowing to press ahead. the president delivers his state of the union on wednesday night. he has been in office almost exactly one year, really exactly one year now and facing real tests not only at home but overseas, including two wars. we'll have that for you 8:00 p.m. wednesday night on cnn. >>> there appear
now from washington. >> well, it doesn't sound like senator reid plans to go anywhere any time soon. a spokesman says the majority leader will stay in his position and will continue to seek re-election. reid's spokesman also firing back to republican critics for, quote, looking to politicize the issue. but today republicans are coming out strong. senator john corning and others calling on reid to vacate his post. corning called the majority his comments embarrassing and republican party chairman michael steele said the comments were racist and accused the democratic party in reacting to reid's comments as following a double standard. listen here. >> the thing about it that's interesting is that when democrats get caught saying racist things, you know, an apology is enough. if that had been mitch mcconnell about an african-american president for the president of the united states just tree, this chairman and the dnc would be screaming for very much as they were with trent lott. >> now, trent lott, a republican and a former senate majority leader, was forced from his post in 2002 foll
the greatest week for lengthy and formal introductions because of the news from haiti and washington. but i'll be with you every monday through friday 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. weekdays. i'll take every important topic we cover and break it down for you. we'll try to get you a level of detail that will help you make important decisions about your health and safety and voting and to help you make the world around you better. >>> first, the news, and the news this week has been haiti and the election in massachusetts. we're covering both of those, but the election in massachusetts is on a lot of people's minds today. it's a -- it's an election that affects all americans, not just those who live in massachusetts. the come-from-behind victory of scott brown. the republican taking over the seat that ted kennedy held for 46 years. >>> let's go straight to our political editor, mark preston, who has been following this very, very closely. mark, the story today is not actually about scott brown. it's about president obama and his agenda and the democrats. what do we know? >> reporter: well, we know this, a
delivers his first state of the union address against a backdrop of voter frustration and washington politics as usual. the speech is expected to focus heavily on jobs and the economy. those are the top issues on your mind, according to a new cnn opinion research corporation poll. 61% of you say it is extremely important for the president and congress to deal with the economy in the coming year. unemployment is a close second. a lot of the frustration president obama is facing comes from out of work americans in hard-pressed towns in ohio, people are looking for answers and jobs. carol costello joins us live from youngstown, ohio. carol, great to see you. what are you hearing from voters there? >> reporter: well, i'm hearing a lot of frustration, tony, and a lot of anger and a lot of hopelessness. they want to sit down and listen to the president's state of the union speech here in youngstown and they want to hear a plan. they want to hear the president's plan to create jobs in this area. but as you will hear, even if the president has such a plan, it will be one tough sell. then can
washington talking and, of course, many of you. republicans are piling on, but democrats including the president are standing by him. our kate bolduan is tracking the story for us in washington. >> reporter: despite calls for him to step down it doesn't look like senator harry reid plans to go anywhere any time soon. a statement from his spokesman says the majority leader will stay in his position and will continue to seek re-election. reid's spokesman also firing back at republican critics for, quote, looking to prettyize the issue. republicans were coming out strong. senator john cornyn and others calling on reid to vacate his post. republican party chairman michael steele said the comments were racist, and accused the democratic party in reacting to reid's comments as following a double standard. >> oh, yeah, there's a big double standard here, and the thing about it that's interesting is that when democrats get caught saying racist things, you know, an apology is enough. if that had been mitch mcconnell saying that about an african-american candidate for president of the united
can think. his comments still have washington talking. the senate republican in charge of electing more republicans says reid should step down from his post and the republican party chairman is piling on as well. a new book about the 2008 campaign called game change. they quote reid as saying then barack obama had a chance of winning the white house because he was light-skinned and his speech had what reid described no negro die lekt unless he wanted to have one. i sincerely apologize for offending any and all americans, especially african-americans for my improper comments. >> president obama quickly accepted the apology. as far as i'm concerned, the book is closed. hi, there, kate. >> it does sound like harry reid will go anywhere any time soon. he'll stay in his position and continue to seek re-election. firing back at republican critics for looking to plikize the issue. john cornyn and others calling on reid to vacate his post. republican party chairman michael steele says the comments were racist and accused the democratic party as following a double standard. >> there's a big
president directly into that country's volatile domestic politics. jill dougherty, cnn, washington. >>> here at home, many of you are finding ways to give back to our troops, or u.s. troops who are coming home, and coming up we'll show you how some clever seamstresses are stitching up their version of a warm hug. good news, my phoenix office... the meeting went great! they loved the presentation! judy, great job on the printing! i'm amanda. tom. james. nice job on the brochures and letterhead. louis, keep up the good work with our shipments. it's -- it's peter. great job, everybody! that's a closet. you know what, guys? take the afternoon off! we can't. that is why i hired you. world's proudest boss. [ male announcer ] we understand. you can never have too much help. fedex office. >>> all right, sir. it's probably pretty safe to say, right, reynolds wolf, no matter where you live in the country, stick your big toe outside, it's cold. i feel look a wuss complaining of cold when some are seeing palestine is double digits. >> everything is relative. here expecting highs around the freezing poin
street jurnal and then "the washington post." he'sin four highly claimed books, including "fiasco and the gamble." both about the iraq war. he's now a senior fellow for the new american security, think tank based in washington, d.c. tom, let me ask you, first, why is this battle important? what are the themes we should be looking at as we peer more closely at. >> it it is representative of several things and it shows you why this war so difficult and how things can go wrong. the afghans survived by smart, by observing. they know how americans fight. they know the intervals they have in which to attack. they know where the american weaks innes are, communications, heavy weapons, and things like overhead reconnaissance means you attack ideally in bad weather like the attack a couple of week ago. go after their communications and then you go after their heavy weapons. you see this again and again. these are smart fighters. they fought the soviet union and fought each other. and now they are fighting us. >> what should we be looking at? what's the -- what's going on there? july 2008,
sentiment, but he also really has to deal with the people who are going to keep him either in washington or bring him back home. so he has to face nevada and talk to the african-american community and be transparent with them and we'll see what happens. but right now it is very early, but, you know this does not bode well for him. and, again, randi this is in a book and people can pick up a book and keep a book and always reference it. we can see it on a computer and in a book. we'll see what happens. >> april ryan with us tonight, thank you for your insight. >>> civil rights activist al sharpton is weighing in. in a statement, he says he's spoken with senator reid about what he described as the senator's unfortunate comments. he go on to say -- reverend sharpton ended his statement byi insaying he looks forward to working with senator reid whenever possible. >>> snow in florida. it seems no place is safe from this brutal cold spell that has teeth chattering nationwide. in a state known for its sunshine, freezing temperatures have people scrambling to stay safe and warm. martin savage is
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